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*Tribute to a philanthropic Massiha: Niranjan Hiranandani!*



*Tribute to a philanthropic Massiha: Niranjan Hiranandani!*

Shri Niranjan Hiranandani is a name which is associated with making Mumbai "what it is".

He is the creative person who changed skyline of Mumbai.

Hiranandani is now a brand .. symbol of commitment and trustworthiness.

Niranjan Hiranandani's all housing complexes are roll models of "smart cities" before that word was used for ultramodern cities with all amenities and facilities incorporated in the structures and infrastructures.

I am proud that such a great iconic towering heroic personality of world is my FRIEND who loves me and treats me like his younger brother.

We are in frequent conversations and exchange of ideas which boost my moral & awareness about undercurrents of business world.

He is a philanthropic sintly person who believes in charity and uplifting community.

His hospital is monument of humanity.

He is dear and near to almost all political leaders and "whose who" of business, commerce and industry.

Niranjan Hiranandani is a courageous man with fighting spirit so calls "spade a spade" before whosoever may be before him, so naturally he as leader of business community he is assigned posts & positions in various organizations to represent their genuine grievances before governments.

Today is birthday of our beloved Niranjan Hiranandani.. and let us wish him a long healthy happy life with fulfillment of all his dreams.. most of which are for betterment of society!

Love you Niranjanji ..

you are inspiring and caring father figure for ennumber of young entrepreneurs like me !!

- Abhijeet Rane,

Dhadak Kamgar Union

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