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SANJAY RAUT IS the one behind the scene..


People are appreciating Uddhavji's interview on the occasion of completing one year BUT say that the SCRIPT was written by Sanjay Raut because the language was identical to Sanjay's style NOT of Uddhavji's communication style ! Anyway Sanjayji did his job as writer director narrator and producer very well and was instrumental in boosting Uddhavji's image. Thanks Sanjayji , for keeping moral of Shivsainiks high and tuning up spirit of Uddhavji to speak like a CM in command of situation !



SANJAY RAUT IS the one behind the scene.. and before the screen.. for this Govt.



A strange dilemma of horns:

Devendraji Phadanvis is THE BEST leader of opposition so far Maharashtra had..


Devendraji Phadanvis was also THE BEST CM Maharashtra had..

So now it's tricky , complicated & confusing to decide ..

Whether Maharashtra wants Devendraji Phadanvis as..

Leader of the opposition..


Chief Minister of Maharashtra..

To be honest and to express " MAN KI BAAT"..

I personally would prefer Devendraji Phadanvis..

To be CM of Maharashtra..

That too in 2021 !!



When SUPREME Court decided in favor of Arnab Goswami I told my friends that now Mumbai High Court also will toe the line taking clue of what is trending in "DELHI" ..

It's happening..

Previously Mumbai High Court was seen upholding Maharashtra govt.'s decisions.. but after SC's verdict plus strictures against HC same Mumbai HC is turning down decisions after decisions taken by MAHAAGHADI SARKAR..!!

This is what was expected and accepted when Modi and Shaha are at the helm of affairs !



"If you love me..

love my dog also.."

That is the attitude & policy of..



So you can't / should not..


"Arnabs" & "Kanganas"

Roaming around..

"Barking" and sometimes..

Even "biting" !!



I had guessed / even predicted in my messages that that..

PM NARENDRA MODI would create a tsunami of popularity and gratitude in India with..

The announcement of:


Exactly that's what is expected..

Any Day.. Any Moment..


Though unofficially it's already leaked to media !!

Once distribution VACCINE begins that to free and on mass scale.. MODI WOULD BE ANOTHER NAME OF GOD.. 11 TH "AVATAAR" OF BHAGAWAN.. Who decends on earth to save people and destroy demons !!



ABP MAZA is telecasting "Maza Maharashtra .. Maze Vision" number of leaders from ruling coalition are speaking out their agendas but unfortunately none of them is convincing about their future plans may be because they are doubtful about future of MAHAAGHADI Govt. Even opposition leaders including Chandrakantdada Patil could not add a new point of objection other than they have already spoken about in ennumber of public meetings in recent weeks campaigning for graduate and teachers constituencies ! So watching the VISION was a blinding experience !!

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