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Desk of Shri. Abhijeet Rane


Today met a senior BJP leader .. who said "After Modi retires don't think Ameet Shaha would take over as PM .. no it would be.. none other than your.. DEVENDRAJI PHADANVIS !! .. In 2029 till then once again Devendraji would be CM then will join central cabinet.. then as a chosen one by Modiji himself and consented by BJP executive unanimously Devendraji would be first MARATHI PM of India.. !



Somehow BJP'S social media networks are seen weakening and falling to attack and protect BJP leaders & party.. at the same time professional social media agencies appointed by CM Uddhavji with a huge budget and every possible resources at their disposal is getting strengthened, powerful and effective in generating a sense of appreciation and creating a sympathy wave .. BJP leaders have realized the failure of their media teams as most of the BJP state level campaigns are backfiring on BJP.. Devendraji Phadanvis has his own separate and independent social print and electronic media management which is taking care of his personal image, popularity, credibility and sustaining his personal charisma and aura a ex CM.. next CM and future PM !!

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