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desk of Shri. Abhijeet Rane

Updated: Nov 30, 2020


My perception and previous experience is that though MARATHI people are angry frustrated annoyed irritated about Shivsena's poor and failed performance in Mumbai Mahapalika still they in their subconscious mind feel that if Shivsena is not ruling party in BMC then NON MAHARASHTRIANS would take over Mumbai pushing MARATHI MANUS out of REAL Mumbai so unwillingly out of compulsion VOTE FOR SHIVSENA and 2022 BMC elections won't be exception. This psychological factor of BY - FOR - OF MARATHI people image of Shivsena is the BIGGEST hurdle problem difficulty for BJP in Mumbai which is in general considered as a party influenced by NON MAHARASHTRIANS AND DOMINATED BY GUJARATHIS . BJP may project lot many MARATHI leaders as faces of BJP but fact remains that Marathi leaders out of Shivsena or MNS are not considered as REAL MARATHI leaders by MARATHI Mumbaikars !!




Keep waiving hand to each and every one coming across with wearing MASK whether you know him or not.. HE will be HAPPY that someone recognized him and greeted him Joyously and will be excited curious intrigued just thinking WHO WAS HE ? How come he could and I could not remember him? Goodwill gesture.. value added timepass for the other person and wicked but interesting pleasure for you !! In MASK you don't recognize even known people and similarly people don't recollect who you are? What a FUNNY EXPERIENCE AND EXPERIMENT!!



POWER MINISTER NITIN RAUT exposed Raj Thakare and another dozens of leaders who are appealing people not to pay electricity bills by declaring that all of these leaders have duly paid their bills in time but instigating consumers to avoid payments risking disconnection of electricity! Generally VVIP'S bills are paid not by them personally but by companies or institutions they are associated with as directors or trustees..!! Secondly according to ETHICAL NORMS the leaders have to be within PROTOCOL of honestly paying the bills and not get accused that it's their self interest they are asking others not to pay electricity bills. DEFAULTERS don't have moral rights to agitations of escaping payments. Even in duped banks according to me only those who have paid their loans and installments duly in time have right to protest against the cheaters and defaulters..! Raj Thakare, Devendraji Phadanvis , Chandrashekhar Bavankule, Chandrakantdada Patil have paid the electricity bills so they have moral right and clean and clear conscious to request people not to pay electricity bills as a part of protest against unjustified & erroneous charges forced by electricity companies taking undue advantage of LOCKDOWN and defective meter records!!

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