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Desk of Shri. Abhijeet Rane


If some scam is in offing ? Why certain ministers in Maharashtra keep threatening of imposing another LOCKDOWN with rigorous measures closing down just begun business & industry .. are they pressurizing business communities to cough up some favors for party funds not to reimpose destructive restrictions.. !! Gossiping is in full swing that many guardian ministers and some IAS & IPS officers misused their authorities and powers to negotiate deals with business industry groups to tighten up and relax restrictions selectively as state Govt had left the decision of LOCKDOWN rules and regulations to local authorities and minister.



BJP and MNS agitation for waiving off electricity bills is both: successful and failure ! Successful in the sense both parties mobilized noteworthy crowds for demonstrations but I say that it was a failure because Mahaaghadi sarkar has decisively determined NOT to waive off electricity bills but only concession is payment in the form of EMI ! BJP & MNS got good political milage and media coverage but for consumers no relief or concession happened. The electricity companies are not in a position to offer any such relief and state Govt is on the verge of bankruptcy so can't afford to pay subsidies for such relief. During 2014 to 2019 Mahayuti Govt did not give any waivers but gave relief to consumers specially farmers by allowing them to avoid payments still not cutting off electricity connections that's why a huge amount of around 36,000 cr is not recovered which now MAHAAGHADI SARKAR is threatening to inquire accusing it as a scam! If MAHAAGHADI SARKAR also decides that no electricity connection would be cut for non payment of bills then the backlog would raise to about 1 lakh crore which no Govt nor electricity companies could afford without going bankrupt! Don't forget whether Govt Govt forcefully recovers pending bills or waives off entire bills during LOCKDOWN it's OUR.. TAXPAYERS HARD EARNED MONEY !!!



Will you grab first opportunity to get vaccinated for Corona or will you prefer to wait till it's results are authenticated by mass vaccination?

I would not haste but wait !



LOP Pravin Darekar says that after legislative council (Graduate constituencies) election results MAHAAGHADI SARKAR will GO .. No.. Certainly Not.. MLC election has nothing to do with stability and continuity of Govt. My sources close to top BJP leaders tell me confidentially that unless Corona crisis is OVER and MAHAAGHADI SARKAR'S failure to tackle the situation is proved BJP will NOT take any action step initiative to TOPPLE this government which is in the process of dismantling on it's own and by the time Corona is marginalized even the Thakare plus Pawar Govt would be exhausted and eventually loose the power to remain in power..! So Pravinji , please wait.. till Devendraji Phadanvis tells you that time has come to dethrone the Thakare Sarkar.. which I am sure and know that HE HAS NOT told you nor planning to do it so early and untimely !!

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