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desk of Shri. Abhijeet Rane


Rohit Pawar imitating Sharad Pawar Saheb while moving around in Maharashtra as once Raj Thakare used to copy Balasaheb Thakare !! Agree ?



Nothing wrong in Uddhav Thakare trying to reach out to Gujarati voters in Mumbai .. it's more logical rational than publishing URDU calendar for Muslims calling Balasaheb as "JANAB" After becoming SECULAR it's but natural for Shivsena to become Multilingual organization with equal treatment to all linguistic communities setting aside exclusive priority to Marathis ! That's the way political vested interests influence basic ideology & principals the party came into existence for !!



Court verdict says if scamsters cheat bank customers in online transactions then bank liable for compensation but i differ with the verdict not because i am in favor of banks but because it's not justified in every case because customers are also many times careless and negligent inviting the trouble without bothering to follow terms and conditions that are prescribed for online transitions and when get cheated blame the bank in such cases actually customers courts should verify if the complainant has followed the protocol or not. If yes ask the bank to pay compensation but if the customer is guilty of negligence, ignorance then bank should not be held liable to compensation! Am I right or wrong ?

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