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DEsk of Shri. Abhijeet Rane


As I predicted negotiations between Modi Govt. & farmers have failed to find amicable solution and the deadlock continues without deadline because next round on 9 th is destined to be failure. Modi Govt. & farmers are prepared for a long drawn battle for perhaps months. Surprisingly Delhi is not facing scarcity of any kind of essentials & all services are as per requirement. Anyway lockdown of around 8 months have trained & accustomed people of living in a blockade so keeping cool and remaining quiet. Use of Force is out of question then the farmers blockade may last for indefinite months. Withdrawing 3 agricultural laws by government is out of question. So be ready for a unending serial of melodramatic episodes!



Exclusive: ED was considerate and cooperative so accepted request of Mrs. Varsha Sanjay Raut to advance inquiry a day earlier. She attended the investigation for 4 hours and was asked to explain the transition of 55 lakhs which she was willing and well prepared to answer. She was treated with utmost respect and dignity she as wife of Sanjay Raut deserved. As it was an open & shut case with all details already part of affidavit Sanjay Raut submitted for candidature of Rajyasabha. ED helped Mrs Varsha Sanjay Raut by keeping her arrival and departure a closely guarded secret and media hungry for sensational news and thirsty for gossip was mislead and kept in dark by ED itself. Yes.. it was a well knitted plan that was hatched by RAUTS in total consent & cooperation of ED. It was in a sense victory for Rauts. ED displayed goodwill gestures and Rauts acknowledged ED's right to inquire whole heartedly!

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