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desk of Shri. Abhijeet Rane


Now that temples are open what difference you find in "DEV-DARSHAN" at home during lockdown and now in temple?



Corona vaccination is now a reality but I don't think it would contain or wipe out Corona totally according to me it would continue worldwide transforming in to variations but the phobia & sense of helplessness would be marginalized. Central and state governments would continue taking disadvantage of Corona restrictions and rigid tyrannical corrupt torturous methods of holding people at ransom would exploit and extract public money! Like FAMINE even CORONA is advantageous to some!



As rental houses is a better economical option than owning a house now many many Mumbaikars are telling me that Uber or Ola kind of taxis are ten times convenient than going in our own car . I don't agree because I have to move with followers & workers that too odd destinations but if you are a office goer or traveling to limited places. Traffic jams, overrated drivers salaries and parking issues has made owned car travel hazardous but one more advice for you from me that have your own car then as & when convenient go for Uber or Ola cabs.



In other states many lenders, ministers, MLAs died due to Corona but Maharashtra was fortunate enough that NO VIP succumbed to Corona though except few most leaders had Corona. May be because unless you are ROUGH AND TOUGH you don't succeed in politics of Maharashtra.

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