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desk of Shri. Abhijeet Rane


What do you think ?..

Between PM Narendra Modi


HM Ameet Shaha

Whom & why people are MORE

scared, worried, uncertain, frightened and under tremendous pressure..

but also feel that whatever the qualities & deficiencies "HE" has..

still such national leadership is need of the time for India in turbulence ?



In new year which old thing you would want to abandon but know for sure that you won't be able to let it go for ever?



Is maharashtra govt. overacting / over-reacting to Corona crisis compared to other states in India ? What's the REASON ? CM Uddhavji lacks confidence and courage or IAS burocrates pretending to be his advisors who are around him misguide him as a part of conspiracy to prove him a failure at the instigation from some leaders who are part of his coalition govt.?

One point that is proved undoubtedly is that Uddhavji is not "on his own" either in politics or in administrative affairs. HE needs a political life support system.. ventilator.. which role is performed by his Chanakya cum Birbal that is Sanjay Raut and his crowned wheelchair that is Sharad Pawar without whom Uddhavji can not think of moving a single step ahead ! Forgive me for the blunt comments but sometimes I feel that Uddhavji is practically in house arrest manipulated by his own mentor and Godfather !!



If you by accident become news channel's chief who would be your role model ? Nitish Kumar of NDTV or ARNAB GOSWAMI of REPUBLIC TV ? If it is a Marathi news channel then whom you would follow as icon ? Uday Nirgudkar ? Rajeev Khandekar ? Nikhil Wagale ?

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