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Desk of Shri. Abhijeet Rane


With demise of Motilal Vhora age of typical GANDHI FAMILY loyalists is over. Though capable of even being PM Vhora always played political game with low key profile feeling proud to be a "pet" at the door of GANDHIS.. as a treasurer of AICC for years Vhora shared all financial secrets and manipulations of party funds but never misused his post of treasurer or position of being close to GANDHIS. More than a decade Vhora could be seen on live locations with either of GANDHIS totally weakened and in poor health as if he would collapse any moment still survived so long on his willpower to be in service of his 'AKAAS' After Ahamad Patel one more pillar of GANDHIS business empire has fallen down and only 2 Kamalnath (MP) & Ashok Gehlot (R) remain to be on the side of GANDHIS. Old GANDHIAN CONGRESSWALAS HAVE GONE AND NOW RAHUL GANDHI HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO GENERATE NEW GENERATION OF LOYAL CONGRESSWALAS TO REPLACE THEM ! Doom Day is not far away!



Shivsena tried to underplay Soniyaji's letter to CM Uddhavji on fund allocation for SC/ST with a ulterior motive of showing that Shivsena and CM Uddhavji don't bother for Congress's complaints or grievances. Even Congress ministers in MAHAAGHADI Govt were not aware of the injustice and disparity in SC/ST fund allocations...I think some prominent Congress MP or MLA must have pursued the matter with GANDHIS pointing out that Shivsena and NCP are not fulfilling their promises to Congress in common minimum programs.. he must be from the lobby of MPs and MLAs who are against the Congress alliance with Shivsena and NCP. A ten lines letter by Soniyaji may perhaps prove beginning of the end of MAHAAGHADI SARKAR !!



Finally Sharad Pawar Saheb realized that unless Devendraji Phadanvis consents / accepts /recommends a solution to Metro car Shade shifting to Kanjurmarg there would not be any breakthrough as NOT PM MODI but it's Devendraji Phadanvis who is the game changer, key player and could do or undo the complicated decision. It's already a MORAL VICTORY for Devendraji Phadanvis that before approaching PM Modi even Pawar Saheb thought it prudently wise to consult Devendraji so that he doesn't spoil the situation in Delhi Darbaar!! Devendraji Phadanvis has emerged as a mediator negotiator facilitator between Central Govt and state Govt plus between Modiji and Pawar Saheb sidelining Uddhavji !!

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