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desk of Shri. Abhijeet Rane


It's strange deadlock.. if PM Modi wins then it would mean that farmers are defeated AND their demands are either totally rejected or only partially accepted resulting in to frustration and anger.. if farmers come out victorious then it would be at the cost of PM MODI'S political disaster and end of an extraordinary career. Even after interference of SC that too in the interest of PM no guarantee that farmers will accept the offer or verdict of SC because they have their own agenda promoted by political parties. I am sure that the outcome would NOT be a WIN WIN SITUATION for Modi and farmers but either of them only would be winner and other a definite looser!!



Whether MAHAAGHADI SARKAR survives or gets crushed under it's own burden is NOT a Issue to be decided in near future but the issues involved between Uddhavji and Devendraji is who is a heavy weight champion and who the other is feather weight struggler and with setbacks after setbacks in public presentations, judicial proceedings and political maneuvering unfortunate and isolated Uddhavji is lagging far behind Devendraji Phadanvis as Uddhavji Thakare doesn't have his own acumen and political wisdom and his so called MENTOR is not promoting Uddhavji but devaluing his image and performance while Devendraji Phadanvis being self made leader and shrewd gamechanger in both the roles.. maybe as CM or leader of opposition!! Wait and watch till Corona crisis is over and crisis in MAHAAGHADI begins to dismantle the structure of political convinience and ditching 32 years old friendship!

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