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Desk of Shri. Abhijeet Rane


THAKARES invited the trouble just out of EGOISTIC ATTITUDE and here is the disastrous situation.. HC staying the whole process of Metro Car Shade. Ex CM & LOP DEVENDRAJI PHADANVIS had warned again and again not to play with a justified reasonable environment friendly decision to locate Metro Car Shade in Arrey complex but THAKARES did not listen. Now I guess that soon central Govt.s petition will also bring the project to permanent halt causing irreparable damage to proposed Metro and Mumbaikars would be the victims of tussle between EGO OF THAKARES AND RATIONAL DECISION BY DEVENDRAJI !!



Farmer's agitation is turning ugly and cruel forcing around a croer DELHIWALAS into harassment isolation shortage of food and essentials plus deprived of 'Roji-Roti' ! Farmers don't have answer to the question as to WHY DELHIWALAS are held ransom & captive for NO fault of their. I am told by my journalist friends in Delhi that central Govt has planned a HUGE operation to keep supplies of food and essentials for a period extending the timeline set by agitators who say they would keep the highways blocked for 3 or 4 months but seems central Govt prepared for SIX MONTHS. Food and essential's packets would be distributed FREE.. I don't think agitating farmers would dare to cut water and electricity to Delhi. After LOCKDOWN of six months now people are used to going without normal routine Life so if assured of support system would not be desperate for release of blocked. Perhaps central Govt may CUT OFF supply lines to Punjab and Hariyana till agitation is withdrawn. I am told by my friends in media that there would be rift between farmers from Punjab and Hariyana and Hariyana farmers would compromise and withdraw from Punjabi dominated agitation.

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