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desk of shri.ABHIJEET RANE


Otherwise a pleasant celebration of Pawar Saheb's birthday was turned into a bitter controversy only because Prafull Patel cropped up a long back dead controversy of why Pawar Saheb was not made PM twice when GANDHIS had opportunity to do it.. it's a accepted fact that all the GANDHIS including Indira, Rajeev, Soniya , Rahul that NONE OF THEM believed trusted thought Pawar Saheb as loyal colleagues so were always scared of his political manipulations and capturing power dethroning them for ever. Even today NO NO NO opposition leaders are willing to accept Pawar Saheb as unanimously agreed one leader to lead non BJP parties because atleast half a dozen opposition leaders except Rahul are aspiring to be PM and all fear Pawar Saheb's extraordinary conspiring skills to drive all of them out and he capturing the PM'S post which actually a dream that will never come true till Modi is PM but politics is a game of impossible becoming possible!!

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