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Desk of Shri. Abhijeet Rane


Maharashtra BAND as part of Bharat Band would be totally successful as it's a state Govt sponsored Band but people and media would be curious to see HOW far .. to what extent.. VIOLENCE AND VIOLATIONS of law & order rules and regulations are allowed / tolerated / forgiven ?


While reading analysis of BJP's victory in Hyderabad municipal corporation's elections I noticed BJP communalized the campaign by making it a direct confrontation between MIM & BJP or Muslims versus Hindus sidelining other parties and local issues. But But But.. according to me.. in MUMBAI CORPORATION elections this HINDU VERSES MUSLIMS divide would not work as it was successful in Hyderabad because in Mumbai the divide that works well in polarizing voters is about Marathi and Non Marathi not on caste or religion basis and certainly it's advantages to Shivsena not to BJP. HINDUTVA could / would not be a effective way to mobilize Hindu voters so BJP leaders for their campaign in Mumbai elections would need to focus on corruption and maladministration by ruling Shivsena in Mumbai and in Maharashtra so that BJP becomes viable dependable trustworthy alternative to MAHAAGHADI tripartite alliance!


Now a days owners of Marathi news channels don't remove or dismiss chief editors of channels but what they do is to insult humiliate and cut his powers, clip his wings to take editorial policy decisions by appointing another preferably a junior person as chief executive editor above him so the editor is forced,,compelled to resign and leave the channel to uphold his self respect and status. It all began with towering personality like Uday Nirgudkar from Z 24 TAAS AND THEN IBN LOKMAT and latest is Ashish Jadhav who resigned from Z 24 taas because he was superseded by Nilesh Khare from SAAM ! During last one year most Marathi channel's chiefs are being reshuffled in this humiliating defamatory manner but though they raise voice for other people when they are crucified they could not / would not murmur even a word in protest. During LOCKDOWN 40 % print and electronic media persons lost their jobs but no public outrage or outcry visible. Most jobless journalists have joined some political leaders or industrialists as PRO or LIASONING persons or have become MIDDLEMEN in Mantralay and local government Govt. offices or agents of officers!! A fact hard to believe!!!

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