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DEsk of Shri. Abhijeet Rane

Updated: Dec 5, 2020


If Corona vaccine made available in other countries but India lags behind then PM Modiji would be loosing initiative and influence as last week PM had created an impression that India is ahead of other countries and vaccination is about to start in January that too free but picture is bit changed with UK AND RUSSIA beginning vaccination in December itself and India's process & programming is still uncertain & unclear!



Uttar Pradesh's FILM CITY would be not copy or competition or comparable to FILM CITY in Mumbai but HUGE like HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS AND ALLIED TECHNICAL COMPLEXES.. that is what I could sum up from CM ADITYANATH's speech! So all the HALLAA GULLA , SHOR SHARABA , AROP PRATYAROP were huddled by MAHAAGHADI leaders were unwarranted unnecessary uncalled for and exposed their insecurities and inferiority complex. UP's FILM CITY would be a ambitious project for PM which could never be compared with a ready possession TINY FILM CITY property at national park CM Uddhavji Thakare got in "VIRASAT" .



So as I wrote yesterday in my messages that ACCORDING TO DEVENDRAJI FADANVIS TIME FOR CHANGE IS APPROACHING FAST AND HE IS NOT IN HURRY BUT PATIENTLY WAITING FOR COLLAPSE OF MAHAAGHADI SARKAR due to their inner contradictions and differences! He would not like to take any initiative to dismantle MAHAAGHADI SARKAR because it would immediately consolidate itself as a spontaneous reaction. Secondly Devendraji Fadanvis is not willing to add a party as coalition partner but wish there is a vertical split in either Shivsena or NCP or straightway MIDTERM elections are held with BJP going it alone with MNS as second front and VANCHIT as third both openly contesting against BJP and even criticizing BJP so that NON BJP votes are SPLIT disturbing set formula of caste based politics by Shivsena Congress and NCP together or independents contesting against each other!!

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