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desk of abhijeet rane


I would like to pose a question before political parties & social organizations

Think & Respond

Seriously & Sincerely..




Watching Raj Thakare moving around without MASK and opposing LOCKDOWN a thought came to my mind:

If by chance Raj Thakare would have been CM at this juncture..

Would he have emphasized on NO MASK.. NO LOCKDOWNS ?

I doubt. Once you are on a post that demands responsibility & answerability YOU can't whimsically arbitrarily behave breaching a code of conduct which is in the wider interest of society.




My widespread political & media relationship network is my real strength & credibility of my public expressions.. I must admit. So only most of my predictions come true. Now.. here is my latest one:

In June Maharashtra would be under president's rule.

Will reveal undercurrents around this month end that would lead to president's rule.

Expect the most unexpected.. would be my suggestion to you !



Either die by Corona or go for "death sentence"

by lockdown.. Uddhavji has to offer only these 2 options.. without any other solution..!

Only relief to Uddhavji in last two days is that he has either managed.. convinced or forced Marathi electronic media to support lockdown and blame public for violation of Corona restrictions. So the outcry.. unrest.. upsurge against lockdown has been successfully crushed down by Marathi News Channels leaving people at the mercy of Mahaaghadi Sarkar & to the whims of burocracy working for their vested interests in collusion with contractors and politicians. Except total surrender and helplessly watching self destruction people have been left with no alternatives.



Please someone tell Uddhavji that he is punishing 95% innocent people for misconduct of 5% miscreants. It is Govt.s failure that they are not able to discipline those 5% irresponsible and anti social elements which they are not so terrorizing and tyrannically holding other 95% captive in the name of controlling Corona though world over it has been proved again and again that lockdown is not a solution but complication in dealing with pendamic. My hopes are now pinned only on Devendraji Phadanvis who is up in arms against forcing lockdown.



I wish hope pray that "HE" should NEVER NEVER NEVER become Corona positive because unfortunately if it happens then the MYTH build with immense difficulty would get shattered and people would STOP believing in "TRISUTRI" of Corona prevention.. mask sanitation and social distancing. May almighty GOD whomever HE believes protect HIM from Corona to keep faith belief trust in his 3 principles based advice intact and alive !!



It's highly objectionable and deserves to be condemned..

That a political leader has compared 2020/21 lockdown with that of British General RAND's brutal actions during 1897 PLAGUE pendamic .. why I have objection to this comparison is that.. in a melodramatic turn of events General RAND was KILLED by CHAPHEKAR BROTHERS of Pune inspired by none other than Lokmanya Tilak..

as revenge of the atrocities done by RAND.. a Marathi film "1897" was made on this episode.. Now you would understand why I call this comparison is not within code of conduct political leaders should follow. Don't instigate violence or personal vendetta because one thing is to be believed considered accepted that whoever is advocating for crackdown and lockdown in Maharashtra is doing so NOT in his personal interest but in larger public interest so should not be compared with British General RAND who was later murdered by freedom fighter Chaphekar brothers .. which was then justified but certainly not now it should be even indirectly corelated.. ! The leader you know belongs to MNS and his name is Sandeep Deshpande. Sorry.. dear Sandeep.. please withdraw the objectionable comparison statement !!

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