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deak of Shri. Abhijeet Rane


We don't know WHO instigated CM Uddhavji to attack Arnab Goswami and Kangana Ranawat who are known protage of Modi and Shaha that person must be aware of horrific repercussions that would follow on people close to CM Uddhavji Thakare.. then why did he suggested or instigated Uddhavji.. ? To settle his personal scores with Modi and Shaha or to implicate Uddhavji in a trap which would destabilize and cut to size politically and as CM.. No question of being afraid or scared of CBI and ED but Uddhavji should have taken in to consideration how revengeful Modi and Shaha would react when hurt and harmed at a delicate point of their close to heart friends like Arnab and Kangana. Pratap Sarnaik is beginning of a long drawn melodramatic series certainly it won't stop here but will reach upto the final destination.. you guessed it right.. then a day will come when Uddhavji would be introspectively thinking whether the person who adviced to strike on Arnab and Kangana was his friend or enemy within!!!

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