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Carnival cinemas meeting 7.12.2020

Many workers working with Carnival Cinemas are the members of Dhadak Kamgar Union, they have many grievances, in order to resolve them Prominent Labour Leader Shri Abhijeet Rane (Founder General Secretary – Dhadak Kamgar Union) visited Carnival Cinemas Head office situated at Malad (East), Mumbai on 7th December, 2020 and had a meeting with the Director of Carnival Cinemas Mr. Kunal Sahani.

Mr. Abhijeet Rane ji asked to reinstate the workers, give their arrears of salary & give their statutory dues of services which is pending since long, the Director Mr. Kunal Sahani assured the workers that as per the government’s instruction and order when the Cinemas will be reopened these workers will will be reinstated in the service.

During the meeting members of Dhadak kamgar Union working with Carnival Cinemas were also present.

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