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Ahmed Patel is a great loss to Gandhi family and indirectly to Congress party.


Ahmed Patel is a great loss to Gandhi family and indirectly to Congress party. He was not a MIDDLEMAN as many allege but a shrewd gamechanger MEDIATOR who had friends in all political parties and could get anything done then whichever party's Govt may be in power. Amar Singh was also a great mediator , negotiator , facilitator for political leaders but he was never considered trustworthy reliable dependable FRIEND but a professional mediator with ulterior motives in mind so his image was that of a selfish unscrupulous highly connected politician who could change his loyalties as suits him. Now Ahmed Patel and Amar Singh both have gone and only respectable acceptable capable mediator negotiator facilitator alive is ONE AND ONLY PRAFULL PATEL though a close associate of Sharad Pawar Saheb his network is spread everywhere from leaders to industrialists businessmen and financial dealers. If Prafull Patel was in BJP or Gandhi's Congress he would / could have become another AMIT SHAHA though by nature Prafull Patel is sober and courteous not aggressively vindictive negative like Amit Shaha. Prafull Patel proved his imaginative administrative skills and performance in revolutionizing Airports and Airlines services. Now Prafull Patel is seems to have been sidelined by PAWARS and keeping low key profile. Now I am going to make a controversial statement that SANJAY RAUT IS NOW NEW MEDIATOR NEGOTIATOR FACILITATOR IN MAHARASHTRA for all political parties and leaders and Sanjay Raut brought THAKARES to power with help from PAWARS and take it from me that the same Sanjay Raut would one day be the mediator negotiator facilitator for changing political equations in Maharashtra and in formation of a new government with altogether unimaginable combination and settlement! Wait for the new PRAFULL + AHMED PATELS + AMAR SINGH combination SANJAY RAUT to begin with his Game changing Game plan!!

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