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Today it was special and proud moment for me when I joined the Maratha reservation agitation on Azad Maidaan along with innumerable demonstrators who were vehemently protesting against the negligence apathy and escapism of Maharashtra Govt in giving due share & justice to Marathas in state. While addressing the agitators I emphasized on the early solution to various issues related to MARATHAS reservation and facilitation for education and employment opportunities. I pointed out that it was negligence and negative attitude of state Govt that caused ban on MARATHAS reservation in SC. Had state Govt.s legal counselors been briefed properly SC SC might have lifted the ban on Maratha reservation. I also acknowledged the unity and fraternity shown by Marathas which would force the government to accept all the demands. I am associated with MARTHA'S agitations since two decades and was always active in the movement. I think that now is the time for hitting final blow to get the demands resolved.

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