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LOP DEVENDRAJI'S speech on Governor's address was a masterstoke. He literally smashed each and every claim of achievement by Mahaaghadi Sarkar one by one in such a dashing way that it was proved beyond doubt that Mahaaghadi Govt has failed on all fronts . Time to change it but Phadanvis is not in hurry till right time comes!



Uddhavji's answer to opposition in assembly was best possible he could deliver only problem was that earlier in the day leader of opposition Devendraji had done postmortem of one year's tenure of Mahaaghadi Sarkar so effectively and in detail with unquestionable proofs that throughout the speech Uddhavji had to be defensive and arguments were not convincing and full of lame excuses. Even then I would call Uddhavji's speech today in assembly as one of his best because prima facia he was aggressive and not subdued as he always appears when on Facebook live. He was seen carrying BURDEN of those ministers who actually have ditched him and he was not at fault for their MISDEEDS or failures to perform in their respective departments !



Shockingly a BJP leader who has been befriended me recently told me during informal conversation that "MOST OF THE BJP LEADERS WISH THAT IN BENGAL MAMATA SHOULD WIN AND BJP LAGS BEHIND REMARKABLY because that would insure internal democracy in BJP and other leaders though marginalized still will be heard atleast sometimes but if BJP comes to power in BENGAL with majority then except Modi and Shaha all other BJP leaders and even RSS would become irrelevant and non existent." I am still in state of shock as the statement came from a senior BJP leader who is still BJP's MP & ex. minister! What do you think.. I would like to know!!



Finally Pankaja Mude took a separate press conference and criticizing Sanjay Rathod and demanding inquiry and justice for victim Puja Chavan BUT BUT BUT she was late and missed the opportunity to get media focus on her because in the meanwhile Chitra Wagh had already taken lead and credit plus compliments for forcing Sanjay Rathod to resign. Now two possibilities are there:1) Pankaja did not want to displease her own Banjara community so shrewdly remained in backside or 2) BJP leaders wanted to project and focus on Chitra Wagh so Pankaja was not brought in picture and at last she had to take a press conference on her own without any BJP leader wort name present and declare that she is with Puja Chavan and demand inquiry. If Pankaja had been projected as a Crusader, fighter for Puja Chavan's cause perhaps that would have been beginning of her revival in active politics BUT BUT BUT may be those who did not want her come back pushed her back ! Strange is the political game plans.. "Chakravyuhas"



In Maharashtra a new phenomenon is that you don't have alternatives / substitutes for many leaders so have to bear or continue with them in post or position they are: few examples: 1) Sharad Pawar 2) Ajitdada 3) Uddhavji 4) Sanjay Raut 5) Devendraji 6) Chandrakantdada 7) Ramdas Athavale 8) Prakash Ambedkar 9) Asasuddin Owaisi 10) Raj Thakare

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