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Desk of Shri. Abhijeet Rane


Mahaaghadi Sarkar came into existence and continued because of Congress support THEN why Congress leaders are keeping low profiles and submissively compromising with Shivsena and NCP ? The moment Congress leaders would show guts courage and aggressive determination that come what may even if have to loose power they are ready to take both parties head on i am sure to save Govt. both Shivsena and NCP would begin to beg for cooperation and smooth sailing of govt. Will Congress leaders dare to put their foot down and threaten to pull Govt. down if Congress is not involved & included in running of Mahaaghadi Sarkar ?



Major difference between Shivsena and NCP ministers is that many of the Shivsena ministers are not easily accessible to people but always surrounded by rowdy bodyguards and unscrupulous agents of builders, businessmen, tender cartels though most of them claim to be second, third ranked Shivsena leaders or office bearers. In case of NCP ministers though they are also surrounded by liasoning agents still they care to answer whatsapp messages and phone calls from NCP party's ordinary workers, citizens in distress & media personnel.. naturally are popular with tremendous goodwill. A Shivsena leader sarcastically said that "Every Shivsena minister thinks of himself as CM Uddhavji who is above all so doesn't bother or believes in sharing or caring with people" In a way Uddhavji is right because people have not chosen or made him CM but he was not even selected or elected to be CM so why he should feel that he is answerable or responsible to people? But this arrogant aloofness would not work if midterm elections are forced and voters get choice to choose between arrogant negligence and sophisticated dignified public orientated approach of BJP represented by Devendra Fadanvis!!



Do you think that there should not be any agitation on the issues that are in HC or SC over which not state nor central governments have any authority to make decisions until SC/HC deliver judgment!! It's futile and frustrating for both agitating organizations and governments because if any decision is made or changed it amounts to contempt of courts if so what is the point in organizing agitations over issues hauled up in courts ???

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