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desk of Shri. Abhijeet Rane


Rahul Gandhis grandmother is critical and Soniyaji is also advised not to move from home so Rahul has gone to Italy to be with Soniyaji's mother who is on death bed with no hope of recovery and whole media and opponents are criticizing Rahul for leaving India when Congress's FOUNDATION day is celebrated. We must must learn to respect privacy of leaders and celebrities and take / talk about their personal life and their family problems sympathetically & with humanity . Sorry.. Rahulji.. as a granson you have not just right but duty to be at the bedside when she is about to breathe her last and daughter Soniyaji could not make it to her !! May Almighty God save her and bless you!!



If you have not received notice from ED then you are not a politician worth the title. To be state level acknowledged leader you should have been called and investigated by IT , CID , EOW BUT if you wish for national status as leader then you must have the record of being issued notice by ED, CBI, NIA OR NCB to be recognized as superstar in entertainment industry you require a arrest for atleast a few days. When UPA was in power BJP leaders had the opportunity to have interaction with all investigating agencies now that privilege is being enjoyed by congress, Shivsena and NCP leaders. See how after notice from ED Eknath Khadase's rating in media market has been increased generating TRP for news channels otherwise Khadase's TRP had gone down so much that even Chandrakantdada or Balasaheb Thorat's TRP was better. Don't worry.. just hurry to get notice from ED to prove that you are somebody!!



I you are really fanatically looking for a fanatically exiting NEW YEAR NIGHT my experienced advice to you is GO TO ANY MEGACITY IN GUJARAT where inspite of prohibition and Corona restrictions by the grace of You know who and blessings of the authorities you could imagine you will have "everything" that even Bangkok or Las Vegas or Fuket can't offer so easily and openly as in GUJARAT otherwise go to Goa where it's heavenly atmosphere waiting for you with open arms to give you the best you could imagine on 31st December and 1st January new year's opening!!



A compromise formula to avoid confrontation between Modi and Thakare governments... Maharashtra withdraws all all criminal cases against Arnab and Kangana and as a return gift Modi government stops inquires and investigations against Shivsena and NCP leaders !! Solid naa?

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