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Desk of abhijeet rane


WHO WHO WHO is the SUTRADHAR of Sachin Waaze's melodramatic episodes... everybody KNOWS though nobody has guts to name HIM ..

Then WHY WHY WHY except HIM many others are being accused, punished, transfered & made to resign?



Why only Sachin Waaze... ennumber of police officers have similar caravans of highend cars and mostly their bosses and colleagues are aware of their vehicles fleets . Check farm houses around MMRDA circle and investigating agencies would realize that 80% of those properties belong to retired or present government officials. Politicians properties are eyesores to media and public but government officer's huge properties are a well guarded secrets . If IT, ED, CBI, ACB all investigating agencies start a widespread investigation in to unaccounted properties amassed through corruption nationwide black money recovered would be equivalent to central government's one year budget.



I think Corona in Maharashtra is growing in proportion to increasing political crisis in state. More intense the political dead-end higher the threat of lockdown to people of Maharashtra. If political crisis gets over people would get relief from forced lockdowns. In a week's time I am expecting political calamity on Mahaaghadi Sarkar to be either over or fizzling out once a senior IPS officer gets arrested and one more minister resigns Waaze episodes would be a stale news and according my sources a huge scam of around thousand croers where a MLA from opposition is involved would be highlighted by ruling Mahaaghadi Sarkar and that MLA would be arrested. So anyway I am hopeful that in proportion to decrease in political pressure on Mahaaghadi Govt. Corona restrictions and fobia spreading would come down and by 1 st May nobody would be talking about Corona and 50% population would have been vaccinated.

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