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No .. The Shivsena MLA who is said to have been missing since a week is not missing but hiding because my reliable source confirm that as the protection given by Supreme Court to him against ED action of arrest has expired last week and has not been extended so ED sleuths are haunting him for arrest so till he gets relief against possible arrest he has kept himself out of reach to all . It's exclusive. Find out who is the missing Shivsena MLA from such a stormy scenerio who is otherwise very vocal on behalf of Shivsena during political crisis !



I have come to conclusion that electronic media that is News Channels have become EQUALLY untrustworthy and flashing rumors or wishful thinkings as BREAKING NEWS just like WhatsApp social media networks without bothering to verify or getting authentication from reliable authorities. Yesterday News Channels were competing with social media in giving FAKE NEWS about Waze episode followed by political and bureaucratic upsurge changing the headlines and contents abruptly frequently randomly without even explaining why they flashed earlier News if it was not confirmed. Every chanel was giving different versions of the Waze story and political repurcations because NONE of them had REAL truth but wanted to sensationalize & boost TRP. Who is the victim ? We the people who believe News Channels as authentic source of information and the other victim is TRUTH which is replaced by heresy gossips and rumors.



Irony of fate.. !

Govt in collapsing mode. Police force's image & credibility stands shattered BUT BUT BUT the business tycoon is UNTOUCHED by ongoing crisis of decade.

He has not filed complaint nor has been asked a single question about what he knows / guess / think or atleast a formal reaction as actually the multi-billionor should have been in the eye of storm but HE is as if living on a safe secure peaceful island surrounded by wild stormy ocean!! How come NOBODY not any investigating agency nor media approached him.



Hats off to the brainy chap who is now spreading a new version of the WAZE story which would absolve everybody including government and police that WAZE did this staunt for publicity and most importantly WAZE was forced to kill vehicle owner Hiren as he was about to disclose WAZE's drama. I know you wouldn't believe it but leading news channels HIRED by a LOBBY are buying and selling this story of WAZE wanted to publicity.. if state government accepts this story then the political and administrative crisis is over for them but will Modi & Shaha's NIA would agree.. ? That too when Bengal elections are round the corner.. I doubt. I am ultimately convinced that when Devendraji Fadanvis takes up any issue he would always get all the relevant information verified and collect proofs and then only will launch attack as LOP so if Devendraji declares some person or group of people GUILTY then we should assume THEY MUST BE GUILTY!



Though Uddhavji is CM.. Though Sharad Pawar Saheb is Godfather... not just Maharashtra's... BUT even Mahaaghadi politics is moving around LOP.. ex CM.. Devendraji .. he is epicenter of every political earthquake or eye of storm! Great! I don't think in any other Indian state leader of opposition matters so much.. as Devendraji.. in Maharashtra..! Not even leaders of oppositions in Loksabha and Rajyasabha are so decisively influential ! Kudos to Devendraji.. The STATESMAN not just politician !



My 10 lakhs strong Dhadak Kamgar Union has members from all political parties.

I have affectionate informal relationships with them so they open up their minds and hearts to me.

Since Mahaaghadi Sarkar completed one year in office I keep casually asking loyalists workers of various coalition parties.. Shivsena / NCP/ Congress ..

"what benefits you got because your own party is now part of govt..."

To my surprise.. rather shock.. ALL OF THEM .. then they may be from Shivsena, NCP or Congress.. say ..

"Sirji, party leaders, office bearers are the only beneficiaries.. we are there in same situation as we were before .."

if this is the opinions, experiences and reactions of your party workers..

what bitter, frustrating and devastating feelings must be haunting common man about Mahaaghadi Sarkar.

Dear friends.. in Mahaaghadi Sarkar..

It's time to make amends, corrections and improvements in governance and party functioning..

Don't disintegrate, disregard your basic foundation of ground level masses and party workers..!



Mahaaghadi Sarkar unexpectedly unbelievably unpredictably unforseenly came into existence...


Will it have similar END ?

Unexpectedly ,Unbelievably, Unpredictably, Unforseenly ?



Drowning person drowns the person who actually has come to save him .. is it happening in case of Sachin Waaze.. "Ham to dubenge sanam, magar tum ko bhi saath leke "... I am making a list whom Sachin Waaze is likely to drown with himself.. Yaar.. it's UNENDING!!"

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