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Shri Abhijeet Rane ji was born on 8 November 1982 in Mumbai. His native village is Achirne, district Sindhudurg (Maharashtra). His father Mr. Ashok Rane is a retired banker and mother Mrs. Angha Rane is a retired government official. Abhijeet Rane's younger brother Amol Rane (is the CEO ) at Vast Media Network Pvt Ltd.

Abhijeet Rane did his schooling at Vivek Vidyalaya, Goregaon (West), Mumbai. He then received a Diploma in Computer Automation from NIIT, Mumbai and a degree in Automobile Engineering from Father Agnel Technical Institute, Borivali, Mumbai. Sports and Writing- Journalism- Despite having no fomral degree in this domain, he has credible knowledge of forensic science.

Shri Abhijeet Rane ji was interested in various sports since childhood. He had a special love for swimming, athletics, cycling and martial arts. When he was just 9 years old, he measured the distance from Dharamtar Bay to Gateway of India in 1991 by swimming for 7 hours, 14 minutes and 3 seconds and set a new record. He has received gold medal in the 40 kg weight category in Taekwondo. Abhijeet Rane, is a holder of training certificate from Darjeeling Commando Training School, and has specialized in rifle shooting and arms handling. Abhijeet Rane ji, who successfully completed the Himalayan Mountaineering and Rescue Course and First C cadet corp - INS Attack, Malad, Mumbai, participated in the Mumbai-Pune Cycling Competition in 1992 and was organized in 1993 by the Maharashtra State Triathlon Association. He was ranked third in the competition.

Abhijeet Rane ji is the Chief Executive Officer of VMN Distributors, Abhijeet Associates and Abhijeet Travels, President of Abhijeet Rane Youth Foundation and The Great Maratha Educational Trust.

He is the maharashtra state president of Writers And Journalists Association (WAJA, India). He has also been a swimmer, sportsman, cyclist, athlete, taekwondo champion, triathlete, mountaineer, shooter etc. In these different roles, Abhijeet Rane ji saw diverse aspects of life and society, he was distracted by the social anomalies prevailing in the society and at the age of 13-14, he decided that he should be in public service, in the public sector in order to have a meaningful career. And then he started journalism with business.

Purpose and philosophy of life

Mr. Abhijeet Rane ji says, "The purpose of my life, Sarva Dharma Sambhav, Sadbhavna and Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Survey Santu Niramayya. Everybody be happy, prosperous and healthy. The country is progressing in a multi faceted manner. All units have the same objective, the welfare of the workers. The progress of the workers. And this is the work done by all the units Dhadak Kamgar Union. Abhijeet Rane Youth Foundation is working for the betterment of the youth. My newspapers Mumbai Mitra and Vrutta Mitra and magazines Humara Mumbai Mitra also operate keeping in mind the public service.

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